Shiver & Shudder

I’m always relieved and a bit elated right after a hard crash. This might sound strange, but there are lots of reasons.

The odds are that you will wreck your bike eventually if you are riding a lot, so after the crash I feel like I have made my quota. Sometimes you are due and you know you are due and like all debt, it is a relief to pay it off.

The chemical wash that swoops in on the heels of a good thumping is the best your body can muster up, and once the unicorns gallop off and the emergency broadcast system has been tested the numbing lobotomized residuals are pleasant and soothing. A good thumping is like taking your brain to the brain wash.

Aside from bumps and bruises, tweaks and contusions, getting up from a good bell-ringer is life-affirming. Walking away from it gives me that Cal Ripken feeling.

(Cal is a famous football player-known for being tackled the most times.)

So that is why I feel good about feeling so bad right now. Knee to the stem, bars to the sternum, miscellaneous points of interest from jaw to ankle. Bigworm is going to tell you it was nothing, but I promise you- it was something.

The idea of an injury taking me out right now is chilling.

Do you think Worm might have staged the accident?

11 Responses to Shiver & Shudder

  1. Our boy’s got a boo boo?

    It could be you met your quota or… it could be the start of a rash of incidents. Your confidence is dented, the roots are slick, without extra weight your tail is slipping around like an empty pickup truck. I don’t know J, this could get bad, real bad.

  2. Thanks AS. I will be going with the empty truckbed analogy. No junk in this trunk!

    Come on Big Jim, don’t pout because I rode with your boy one time. Besides, I left W.B. a message telling him we were riding South at 4:00 instead of North at 3:00.

  3. the best workhorses are a little banged up.
    We know you were going for it; get back on the horse.

    I’ll give you 50 bucks for it once it gets dirty.

  4. Just got a finger in the eyeball at noon basketball. No unicorns, no soothing residuals. Just sick to my stomach and half blind. Maybe I need to stick to a safer sport like cycling.