Alienation’s for the Rich

I have touched down at 10th Ave for the weekend, and it is about time. I’m heading out again on Monday? Tuesday maybe? Either way it is good to be home.

It isn’t so easy to live half of your life away from the place that you love, feel the best, know people, and can leave the dishes in the sink if you want to (I don’t happen to want that, but if I did…)

The system only works if I can ride, catch foreign sunsets, enjoy my work, and find sushi/ thai food in unlikeyl places. the knee has 48 hours to make a decision before it gets taped and I start munching Ibuprofen like M&M’s and ride anyway.

Flaoting along I look down at Mother Earth and wonder… Where is Fat Lad riding today? Is Sascha pissed off at someone this morning? Has Jill gone native and grown a beard? Lucky for me I have the internet and can go find out. You can too.

If my flakiness continues, these folks are BRC approved methadone. I’m sure they would love the circus freaks to come marauding through their comments pages, spewing 10th Avenisms along the way.


4 Responses to Alienation’s for the Rich

  1. >before it gets taped and I start munching Ibuprofen like M&M’s and ride anyway.

    That would be a bad move bro. Lay off the knee. If you had a headache would you listen to loud music?

    Go swimmin instead! In that creek in the hollow, by the still – like your used to..

  2. feck that, get those cranks turning. Pain is all in the mind! Worry about your knees when your retired, let the docs fix em later….. oh, sorry you guys don’t have free healthcare do you?

  3. to quote the always, always brilliant airplane:

    Elaine Dickinson: A hospital? What is it?
    Rumack: It’s a big building with patients, but that’s not important right now.