Few creatures are as elusive as me in this town, with my comings and goings. When you consider the Joe’s Bike Shop/ Publix run as a social outing and don’t put pants on until the end of the work day, it can be said that you are not participating in your community, nay society even. Still, aside from that our local trail dog and pro-am trail advocate Aucillasinks, was found to be standing in front of me at the bagel shop this morning. I caught this shot of him just before he galloped off. Those of you who know him understand my shock and glee to catch such a public sight of him grazing in the daytime. He was purchasing one single ounce of cream cheese so I guess that means he is training or something.

He barely recognized me as I was dressed to impersonate a Republican. I put on the power suit and harass minorities and the elderly in the streets. My themes tend to focus on “get a job”, “Your problems are not my fault” and “Don’t blame me just because my Dad had money.”

Anything to mobilize the base.


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