The Fried Egg

Despite aligning your hips, keeping your head down, and letting the club head speed do the work- sometimes you pound one into the bunker and face what is known as the “fried egg.” Although there is nothing glamorous or visually stunning about hitting the fried egg every player must have this shot in the bag.

A successful sand save is 3 parts technique and one part faith.
Most importantly, lofting the fried egg out of the trap takes guts. You have to step down in that hole, choose your spot and swing with all you got.

That is just what I intend to do.


4 Responses to The Fried Egg

  1. With snow right around the corner up here I like the new focus. If you are searching for a metaphor for life, golf beats riding a bike any day. I am expecting an insurrection from the rest of the circus any moment now.

    Dr. D

  2. I couldn’t agree more Dr. D. There is no looking back now. I am making the turn onto the back nine of life and looking forward to chronicling the joys of the greatest game of all!


  3. Your golfing blog sure is a lot shorter than your biking blog. That might be a good thing. Ooof!!!

    Nicolas will be excited to see another ‘ba ba’ on Uncle Juancho’s blog!