Fountain of Sorrow

Wow. Now that’s a weekend. Are they this good because I can’t take them for granted anymore, or is life just that good? It’s a hard call.

We spent major time behind the scenes in support of the above performance by performance art troupe, The Glitter Chariot. It is hard to explain what goes on at these events, but they are high risk, emotion-driven performances that borrow from old country standards, children’s television, and personal stories of heartbreak and loss. The next night they turned it out glam punk style and left the stage a smoldering pile of sparkly cinders.

It was a weekend for bicycle heroics too, by riders young and old, but I’ll tell you about that later. It is Monday after all, and I need to find some pants.


One Response to Fountain of Sorrow

  1. What a show, I tell you what! And the message? Rock n’ Roll man! Rock n’ glittery passionate string-breakin’ genre-shakin’ 3 on bass/3 on drums…Roll, baby!

    Put on some pants.