Somewhere out there in the woods of Alachua County is a moment waiting for me. It may be a moment of quiet splendor, where I pause in the saddle to watch a fawn snuffle for acorns while I reflect on the great bounty that befell me in 2011. I will genuflect in gratitude before clipping in to savor the final miles of a glorious day.

Somewhere else out there is a different moment. This moment finds me sitting beside the trail, my sooty bottom all wet and itchy. My blurry tears fall on my bottom lip and pool there. Some physical or mechanical failure ties me to defeat. I am eating chocolate and waiting for the bus.


9 Responses to Projection

  1. Hey, Juancho.
    good luck down there this weekend. i hope you guys have great weather and nothing but a smooth trail in front of you. wish i could be there. i don’t guess it’ll be like those first couple of years, mandatory six pack the night before and sleeping on the cold hard ground at the pole barn!


  2. Ah, moments of truth. Isn’t that what it’s all about? That and the dopamine, of course, which is no small thing.

  3. In both moments, success and defeat live; you get to choose not the moment but the outcome.
    Ride on, Juancho! Ride on.

    I hope I see a fawn this weekend too, but it better run run run, fassster than my bullet…