Book review-possible spoilers.

With talk of Tropical storms swirling through the area I picked up a copy of Dave Egger’s newest book, Zeitoun. This is the story of a Syrian-American family man and his experiences during and after Hurricance Katrina. Staying behind to look after his multiple rental properties, his home,and the many job sites where his renovation company had been working- he finds himself in the surreal world of flooded New Orleans. With his family safely away, Zeitoun paddles around the neighborhood for days, feeding the dogs left behind, rescuing the elderly from upstairs windows, and camping on his roof, content, in awe of a world so changed. He believed he was meant to stay behind, that he was being used by God to serve his neighbors.

Then some dudes from Blackwater ziptied his hands and feet, threw him in a boat, and accused him of being Al-Quadea.

That’s when I decided to get out of bed and start my day.

Quite a vacation I have going here. If you don’t know how to party, talk to me.


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