Still Time

Talk about still time, I have been pretty still for some time, but there are still a few seconds on the shot clock to get this August slump turned around. I hate to point fingers here, but I prefer not to take responsibility for my own actions until it is absolutely necessary.

Things weren’t looking good even before Singapore Mel (his real name) arrived for a visit. Bird aka “Benjamin Button” crashed back into Tallahassee just days before, resulting in some acute changes to the social mores of my small community. Prior to these gentlemen coming to town I had not seen 2:00 A:M in over a year. Last night I finally drifted off around 4:15 A:M (finished that book- Zeitoun- I wish it was required reading for the entire 8th grade in the United States.)

Buying (or not) buying a house proves to be a withering and sustained test of endurance, like a Guantanamo stress position. Apparently the process is about completing a series of tedious assignments followed by vague notions of approval or tsk-tsk’ing from strangers.

And yet, there is time still on the clock. Prior to these happy or obligatory distractions the riding was strong, persisting through the steamy summer, bitching like a celebutante, but riding quite a bit and feeling good.

During this twenty second time out let us review the fundamentals.

Put the bike at the center of everything.
Early to bed, early to rise.
Think about the sweet new wheels Huckleberry Shins will be building for me soon.
Smoothies and Quinoa
Nothing good happens after midnight (says Libbyllama)
San Felasco is only 5 months away.
Squatch doesn’t even own a mountain bike anymore (not sue why this is fundamental, but it seems important. Use it or lose it?)
Fall will come, and fall makes everyone faster, even me.)
In Barack I trust
Put the bike at the center of everything.

Time to take a shot.


6 Responses to Still Time

  1. I looked into getting that book at the library yesterday but they don’t have it since it came out in July and it hadn’t been requested yet. Might have to buy it before it comes out in paperback if it’s that worthwhile.

    And, what kind of bike is Shins going to be building you??? Or, is this top secret until it’s revealed? 🙂

  2. Nicol- I rarely purchase hardbacks, but this one fits in a genre I collect and I was really curious. You want to see your country as it really is? Read that, and shudder.

    Ms. Moon- Over here at the BRC we are very limited in our ability to balance life on anything other than two wheels. I suspect the chickens do the same thing.

    For the record- true to my word I rolled the Miccosukee Greenway from Fleischman to Crump (24?) It was 95 and a crew was spraying poison to beat back the grass. It tasted like Murphy’s Oil Soap.

    The trail was standard wet mattress consistency. Soul-sucking.

    That’s the kind of suffering I wanted and deserved!