4 Responses to Sap

  1. O.K., let me understand this. You got up, suited up, drove to Munson, rode, and then got back home in time to post about your ride by 9:11 A.M.?

    Did you actually ride Munson, or did you poke around a little in the duff with your toe and then speed home to get it in the books?

    Because if you actually had a respectable ride out there that early on a weekday morning, this may actually be a new day. That would also mean that while I was shoveling a Savannah Buffet breakfast into my pie hole as fast as I could get those sloppy, buttery grits to move, you were riding your bicycle.

  2. Yes, you are correct. I was riding my bicycle exactly as fast as Mystery could make his go.

    I hope that came with a biscuit.

  3. What happened to that lean BASTARD! that worked me over so bad at Munsun, I went on a diet, and a eight month training program?
    Squatch, Felasco is only seven months out!