Oil Change

I could use a soothing balm of some kind to ease my troubled spirit. As Jesus healed the lunatic so need I the healing. As it is with mania of all kind, I like the ride. I am trying to let it be enough, principled leadership- but I am concerned it will not satisfy me, that if I had my choice I would prefer retribution. I sigh and know this can’t be, that it is unconstructive and feeds my baser self.

Do you ever get tired of the stiff upper lip? The other cheek? The high road?

A little tar and feather is sometimes in order to prove the case for justice in the world. I guess we will wait and see. I think a tax against those who brought us continued misery in 2004 is justified. That is only fair right? Aren’t we taught to pay for our mistakes?

It is hard to keep my face turned toward the brighter day when debris from the storm is all around us.

At least in the saddle everything feels right with the world.

Despues la baracha viene la resaca.

7 Responses to Oil Change

  1. I would be your Penitente monsignor, as things may never be right again. I will drive the scapegoat from the white city and sip espresso while you do your penance for his sins: fifty miles sinner! ..and don’t let me catch you enjoying it.


  2. I hear you anonymous person whom I choose to believe is a lovely dark-haired girl from Ireland with blue eyes and a strong inner spirit, but is most likely some fellow bike-rider in Tallahassee. In spite of my stone-casting I hold no underwater mortgages, have placed nobody in a secret prison camp, or failed to respond to the best of my ability when called upon in a crisis (Katrina.)

    To watch someone tear down so much that we love and just fly away into the sunset? It galls me.

    Bring the pitchforks, light the torches, meet me in Dallas.

  3. I don’t care for Dallas and anyway, I favor the “Tommy” solution: “Let’s forget you, better still.” Can we just meet in Austin, have a few beers, listen to some music, and call it a wrap?

  4. I thought that too, when I saw him fly away. No consequences. Conscience is a strong force, and I have to think that his supposed -future- inner conflict and guilt over what kind of chaos he’s caused in the world will catch up with him someday. But, maybe I am completely wrong that he even has the capability or will ever actually have a working conscience.

    But really, I’d like to just not ever have to think about him again.