Magic Numbers

Twenty-two, that’s how cold it is outside this morning in Tallahassee, FL. Cold enough to get your attention, cold enough to think about moving the bed away from the window. I don’t mind the cold this morning. I think it is kind of nice out there, and 22- the dos dos- is my magic number.

You got a magic number?


15 Responses to Magic Numbers

  1. 50. That is the one put on the tights and ride ’til it is 50 degrees out there, sinner.


  2. Damn, you’re skittering around like a manic political ferret. I like magic numbers in lieu of kittens and cream, especially when mixed with respect for a good chill.

  3. 70. Temperature of Wakulla Springs and the approx average temperature in my fair city. Sunshine, little wind and 70 degrees is a typical day in my hometown and that’s some good shit man.

    I like our “extremes” too though. Yesterday and today were the first days this winter that my water bottle got slushy on ride to work.