Dr. Munson

A therapist friend recently told me I was crazy, and I don’t doubt it one bit. If you aren’t a little crazy then you just aren’t participating in this funhouse maze of a society we have duct taped together. The incident in question involved a glass of ice and its supposed ill-effects on my health. This observation was poorly received by myself. In defense of ice, and cold beverages in general, I demanded evidence and furthermore railed against a culture that finds it acceptable to make passing observations about personal behavior without expectation of resistance. I think I referred to it as a “Drive-by Judging.” This type of nonchalant superiority is best typified by the hack artist, Jack Johnson, the self-appointed life coach of the left-leaning, white, recreation class.

It doesn’t take much to be labeled crazy anymore so you better watch your asses out there. I contend that cold water is in no way harmful, and if it is, my blue collar digestive system appreciates no such degree of nuance.

In order to get a second opinion I made an appointment with Dr. Munson last night. Dr. Munson was willing to see me at the very end of the day and our session began under a gathering darkness and chill.

We enjoyed a brisk debate in our 43 minute and 22 second session and the esteemed Doctor confirmed that while I indeed may be on the breaking side of slightly bent, it is you people that made me this way.


11 Responses to Dr. Munson

  1. The fact that one feels compelled to ______ or _________, just to feel comfortable dealing with the general public is in no way a reason for condemnation. Those are valid responses to a world gone mad.

    The trail is your Life Coach. It will always be there.

  2. Crazy like a hammer
    Crazy like a fox
    Crazy like a shifty mule
    Loves to hate a box

    Crazy like yo mama
    Crazy like yo pops
    Crazy, crazy, all day lazy
    Loves them special ops

    Crazy is as crazy does
    Love the Man and loathe the Fuzz
    Hate the sinner, love the sin?
    Secret Gestapo, lurks within.