Special 38

After a long campaign of bunkers and trenches I polished my spats and hit the scene like Beyonce’ this weekend- and that ain’t code. A guest in town, you can’t tell from that picture, but that’s one of the fellas from back in the day. I met some deviled eggs I really hit it off with and even enjoyed an Old Fashioned around a backyard fire in a fresh dug hole. Although a little stressful- all those good-cheered friends chattering and not afraid of the future– I flexed my missing limb of a joy muscle and scheduled a check-up with Dr. Munson.

The good doctor had only a small window in the schedule for a drop-in, just 38 minutes, so I was forced to be brief.

The edginess: Why always the edginess?

Hey S’quatch- tick tock, 38.


8 Responses to Special 38

  1. Not having seen anything over the last few years from you at Munson that looks like a 38, I’m forced to conclude one of two things: Either you used Festus’s watch, or you’ve been hiding your pistol. I’m guessing Festus lost his watch.

  2. “The defendant in this case has become a witness. You should apply the same rules to consideration of his testimony that you apply to the testimony of other witnesses.
    4. Did the witness have some interest in how the case should be decided?”

    I’m skeptical, too. Any corroboration?

  3. so you did go, and no call? I even had bike shorts on; they’re tight and I liked it. I’ll probably wear them all the time now.

  4. 38 standard Munson loop from the spur intersection back to the same. A notably trustworthy perfusionist was pacecar and official timekeeper. If you care to doubt his word, it’s your funeral.

    Besides, 38 was easy. Wait ’til next time.

    sorry magnum, shit got hectic.

  5. I am still laughing about our “square wheel” chat. Damn that was funny. I coulda used you last night on the big east loop. 27 miles the hard way. Maybe I’ll call next time!