Kinetic, Potential, Thermal, Mass, Nuclear, Gravitational, Chemical-

There are lots of kinds and I am trying to collect energy like Mel (not his real name) collects Pokemon cards or 10th Ave collects Dungeons and Dragons figurines. I simply have too much to do, not to mention I haven’t invoked fear on the trail in almost a year, unless it was fear of a tantrum- which will only increase with my power and fury. Divas never change.

What I’m trying to say is: Sleep, H20, and humble peasant food is all I’m interested in at the moment.

Spring is here people, and time is of the essence.


6 Responses to Energy

  1. I don’t understand. It seems like just a few months ago, in fact, it was a day under three months ago, that we had a “birth announcement” and outrageous claims about your new titanium racing XXX machine and how you were going to be kicking our asses and leaving S’quatch in the sand, etc.

    But today you admit it’s been a year since you’ve legitimately trashed talked on the trail. The weather outside is what everyone else on the continent (sans Jill) dreams about and you’re napping and grazing and watching H. Montana reruns?

    I don’t know Juancho. If the X couldn’t get ya going, the new Twilight and revamped Cadillac trails have you yawning and the 70 degrees and sunny still finds you on the couch, then maybe it’s time to add some Google Ads and start posting maintenance tips or soup recipes or something.

  2. Did anybody else see this:

    “Cyclist may be suspect in Times Square bombing”

    Were his legs shaved? Was he eating a goo? What kind of gears was he running?

    “m thinking they really meant, “Person on a bike.”

  3. When the media speaks plainly, or we all quit watching and reading them, the world will make sense again.

    As for the new titantium racing XXX machine, AS, don’t you know we buy those things thinking the answer is outside ourselves?? Why else this horrible age of consumerism which is taking the Earth down with it? Take Juancho’s word for it — he’s a complicated man.

    Ms. Moon, WHY IS IT the smplest things are the hardest to get?

    I have spoken–and questioned.