Where’s Juancho?

Is this a photograph of-

The first night, last hour, of Driving School?
Kim Jong Il’s elite Special Forces team?
The remaining fans of the Florida State University football team?

No sillies! It is the resurrection of Fat of the Land/SORBA, our local mountain bike trail advocacy and cheap car insurance provider organization.

Word on the trail is that major and minor improvements are in store for most of the trails in the area. Under the Al Quaida cell structure of new director, Roboboy,and with the substantial support of the Cobra Kai cycling organization each trail will have its own steward and work with the landowner on a management plan. Our own Aucilla Sinks will be providing oversight as Grand Wizard of Singletrack.

Bridges at Cadillac, a haircut for the imaginary Twilight Zone trail, and a 12 hour race at Tom Brown Park are but a few of the rumors on the table.

I don’t recognize many of these people so I have to wonder, are they really riding their bikes, or is the real question, am I really riding mine?

Let’s take a moment to thank Scot B. for his early efforts to organize and motivate the riding community, every step begins with a single journey. Best of luck to him as he opens his new bio diesel station/Alpaca farm in Lamont, FL.


4 Responses to Where’s Juancho?

  1. Thank you Scot!! After years of dimly lit back rooms, you brought our show to the big top. You attended more meetings in 2007 than Condoleezza Rice. You stepped up to the plate man and now Robocop can keep us rolling.

  2. OK to recap the beginnings of FOTL2:
    Jim Schmid was lookin’ around the local bike shops for MTBer’s who used the ANF as a riding venue.
    He couldn’t find any.
    He came to the first Blessing of the Bikes 2 springs ago and ran into Scot and me.
    We showed him the Twilight Zone, he told us that regional forest people were considering that area as a new OHV playground, with parking lots.
    Now a sweet motorcycle generated trail that connected with Munson Hills as a new motorized venue seemed wrong.
    What could we do?
    Jim said organize.
    Thus, where we are today.
    So, I want to first thank Ken Beattie for putting on the first Blessing of the Bikes that brought us all together.
    And Scot, thank you for all the hard thankless work you did.

  3. Where was Juancho? Cooking soup and watching 30 Rock i guess.
    Where was Otersen? He was there when the Munson Hills Trail was born, he was there when when Reverend Jim preached his first sermon, and he was there this week. In fact, he’s front and center of the (add some fill light will you?) picture in this post, eating potato chips.