Spring Training

Now that San Felasco has passed most of the riders I know will let their guard down, enjoying a few weeks of relative downtime after accomplishing their winter goal. S’quatch’s hand will find its way into the cookie jar, others will follow his example with unprecedented stretches of laziness and ennui.

While they exchange high fives at the bike shop reliving their best “50” moments, I will crack out of my carbonite casing and begin spring training.

Today it is cold and wet, and not just Florida cold, but cold like a soggy winter day in Portland- the perfect day to get the drop on the pack. It will be miserable and slippery, hands will be numb and toes will be numb, but if I can just talk myself onto the bike, there is a chance I can pull it together in time for a trip to Tsali in April.

The old he-coon walks just before the light of day-


10 Responses to Spring Training

  1. I am over weight and thinking the same thing. Get back on the pony, put a point on the horrizon and get after it!
    The great thing about riding on a day like today is; you feel so hard core, knowing all your friends are on the couch.
    Or you could put in a dvd, hide under a quilt, and marvel at what a great movie “Breaking Away” is.
    Biscuits are good with honey on em’!

  2. It’s all relative dude. Just pretend you’re back in Jackson Hole, it’s September and you’re enjoying the last mild days of the year. Or July for that matter. It snowed sideways on Mrs. Sinks and myself watching the fireworks show one year. Besides, what will Jill think of your debate if she visits the Circus today? Not impressed will she be.

  3. Yes, Portland seems about right, and yes, ride today and you’ll be able to ride whenever-eat biscuits and “gracy” today (whoever she is) and you’ll do that every time it gets tough.
    But anyway…

    I wanna see a “He-coon cartoon” to accompany the post, or maybe fill in during down time, etc. Something along the lines of MAUS but with a bit more humor.
    That master of the character graphics, Spasa could do it. Get him on the horn!
    He-Coon Cartoon!
    He-Coon Cartoon!
    Chant it up with me folks!