In light of recent poor decision-making I have taken up chess again to clear my musty brain. So far I have lost three and tied one, not a very good record, but possible proof that the correlation between strategic decsion-making in game theory is a fair measure of one’s ability to choose effective life decisions.

Lately I have been trapped in zugzwang, a moment known to chess in which one is compelled to move, and yet every possible course leaves one’s position weaker.

To sit and do nothing would be preferable, but the rules of the game do not allow one to “take a pass”.

It is the move you make before the zugzwang that means everything.


4 Responses to Zugzwang

  1. So what’s your opening system? e4 with white? Throwing the Silician
    Dragon at ’em with black? You know, moving all your pawns forward two spaces will only get you so far.

  2. I always open with the “Queen’s Gambit”. Bring the bitch out and wreak havoc. Offense, offense, offense.