Early to Rise

I woke at six in the morning on Friday, happy to be back on Anna Maria Island, a home for 25 years that has proven hard to get back to this year, and nobody I love to see if I could. For now though, things are familiar there again and the wind was blowing strong in the dark blue pre-dawn light. The churning sea whispered through the neighborhood.

Any of you who are familiar with the west coast of Florida know that the Gulf is most often gentle and calm as a kitten eating ice cream, but occasionally it reminds you that it is still the same Ocean that hides monsters and sends whomever she wants to Davy Jones’s Locker.

I walked down to the beach knowing it was going to be a rare moment with the angry sea.

She did not disappoint me.

Bicycle? What in the name of Ferris Beuller’s Day Off is a bicycle?

See you in Tucson on Monday, if you have any friends there, drop me a line why don’t you? If you live there, this is your chance to buy me a beer!


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