So, it turns out that healing the broken bone is only the beginning of things. I’m going to have to rebuild this Cadillac one step at a time. I don’t want to get into it, after all, it is the internet.

I rode yesterday with my buddy T and his two daughters. It was just about the pace I needed, if a little too far and hot. The 8 year-old (she can’t possibly be nine yet can she?) was gunning for me the whole way. To watch someone whom you have known since the hour of her birth ride fearlessly on her tiny mountain bike, red cheeks puffing, talking about “we do it for the pain!” this made me really happy. The other one was content to bob along in the seat behind daddy and chuck a water bottle out to keep us sharp. These were good miles. I look forward to a lot more like that this fall.

I’m not up for the pain, but there is a lot of pleasure to be found out there instead.


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