The trick is to beat the body down repeatedly, functioning more on will than ability. Riding with that feeling like your legs are being crushed beneath a Custom Van and the tendons in your neck are full of rock salt. Work like that, go shopping at the grocery store like that, swing a golf club like that- just keep beating yourself down and functioning.

When the body goes into System Restore and methodically shuts down components, reorganizing the memory, you are edging towards regeneration. The complex plot of Law and Order becomes too difficult to follow, the kitchen upstairs so far away, the La-z-Boy wraps you in its pleathery embrace and sleep takes you down.

10 hours later, the internal pilot light trips the furnace and you can begin shoveling hot coal in there, building pressure for the next big ride. New muscle cells, uncomfortable next to their musty old neighbors, nervously play with the safety switch inside their jacket-ready to bust rounds all over the trail.


16 Responses to Regeneration

  1. I heard a rumor that you rode Munson and then went to the…..wait for it….GYM!!!
    I have only one question: When will the other three horseman be arriving!???
    Should I be this skurd?

  2. How do you even know these things? I rode solo and told nobody I was at the gym. Or did I post it on facebook? Can’t remember.

  3. I love the image of new muscle cells with itchy trigger fingers, and their stolid, slow moving neighbors.

    That’s a lot better explanation than you’re going to get from an uppity physiology text, and certainly closer to fact. Thanks for pulling back the veil.