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My boy T stopped by yesterday morning, all done with work by the crack of 11:30 A:M. He cracked the sole Miller lit in the fridge and I fired up a Parliament Light, um…yummy.
We got to shootin’ the shit about personality and preference, and the different ways people approach problems. Somehow I got on one of my favorite rants about the word “Should”. As in, you should go check out this movie, or you should quit smoking, or you should go to hell, or whatever. The problem with “should” is it masquerades as concern and usurps the higher ground (Not the shop, the metaphor). When someone says “You should check out that movie, The Princess Diaries, or whatever, what they really mean to say is: “I like the movie The Princess Diaries and I wish other people would like it too”. Maybe they see some connection, and truly have your best interest at heart, but “Should” is the lazy way out. Explain your reasoning Goddamnit! So anyway, I really dislike “should” and I encourage caution with its usage. it’s just so presumptive and sanctimonious. It’s also passive-aggressive, and nobody likes that. I much prefer, “Why do you smoke dumbass?” or something to that effect.

Once we sorted that little problem out, we decided to strap up and roll. Middle of the day, hot, everybody in the free world is working, yet this lull of 2 hours presented itself to us and we took it. Back to the Northside for bomber downhills and grinding climbs. T has been showing up on the scene again, resurfacing now that his daughter is 3 and can take care of herself. At about the 10 mile mark, he lit it up. I mean he LIT IT UP. I just tucked in behind him on the long trudge around the dry lake bed and enjoyed the ride. We were halfway up the 1.5 mile climb when he finally pulled up in the shade to regroup. Nice work dude, nice work indeed.

You should keep riding as much as possible.

Juancho out.

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