The Big Sellout

I get it honest. This jones to ride the best. My pop is a musician and he appreciates a fine instrument. Somehow, even as a high school shop teacher with 2 kids, he always managed to wheel and deal his way into a Martin guitar, or a custom fiddle. When it comes to your passion reason and modesty are not the whetstone you want for developing your talent. You do what it takes to get the best tools in hand.

That is why I make no excuses for throwing my literary integrity out the window and shilling for fine products like RED BULL. It gives you wings yo! Years ago I saw a picture of a Retrotec bike frame in a magazine and I tore out the page and stuck it in my pocket. I sent it through the washing machine days later of course, but the point is- I love these bikes. The union of classic design and performance makes my mouth go dry and my pants fit uncomfortably. I already own the greatest modern mountain bike available, the Titus Racer X for which I am most humbly thankful, but that does nothing to temper my lust for the Retrotec. I saw the above image recently and felt the yearning deep down inside.

I thought about it while enjoying a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal and I decided to encourage the Great Magnet a little bit by slutting out this blog. So, we will see. I’m not holding my breath or anything, but as a friend once told me, “pennies in a pile make a dollar after a while.”

Now it is time to get in my GMC Safari and get to work.


6 Responses to The Big Sellout

  1. You’ve come a long way, baby! I’m lovin’ it! On that bike, you will feel so cool, so clean, so fresh. If I wanted one of those bikes, I’d go to Joe’s Bike Shop; you know where!

  2. That Retrotec looks like my 1957 Schwinn American 2 speed middleweight that my Dad gave me for making the honor roll the last grading period before summer vacation except the Retrotec has been hitting the steroids. That burgandy Schwinn of mine was the envy of the neighborhood until the rich kid from the other end of town showed up with his Schwinn Corvette 3 speed. I still won most of the races from the hood to the school that next fall. Sold that sucker when you were about 5 for $15.00 Wish I had it back.

  3. That thing is freeging BEAUTIFUL! Say what you will. That is an absolute work of art (along with the beachcruiser you pointed me towards). I never did care if I was popular, and if it’s ridiculous to love that thing…oh well. Yuck on the oatmeal though…unless it’s smothered in REAL maple syrup. Thanks, I might just give up my 360 for that thing. Later.