Life Swap?

Wow. These Wife Swap people can’t be real.

Anyway, here I sit. X-rays today showed some new bone growth (heh-heh)so that’s good. Not the miracle I was hoping for, where the doctor says,”not only is your arm completely healed, but the x-ray revealed a cybernetic implant.” I haven’t thought far enough ahead to know what the implant will do. Something kick-ass though.

Anyway, I really really appreciate the celebrity guests who have visited, taken me to the store, folded my laundry (!) and kept me company. I admit it freely, being broken down is creepy. If the Indianhead mugger drops by the Heech’ late one night I’m going to wish I had two arms.

I’ll beat him down with the skateboard. It’s a known killer.


4 Responses to Life Swap?

  1. Bowling, tennis, drumming for Def Lepard, Wii, darts…

    There are plenty of one-armed activities out there to strengthen your mugger-beater.

  2. You could perhaps type your novel with a cybernetic implant.
    Glad your bone is growing. Oh. That sounds rather wrong.
    You know what I mean.
    Love…Ms. Moon

  3. Sorry about your arm dude.

    This may be a good chance to switch things up, broaden your mind you know. Time to dust off your copy of The Nature of Truth or comb the garage sales in Hippyhood for Deepak de jour? Better yet, you got one good arm. I recommend popping a cold Dogfish Head IPA and watching Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.