Broke Arm Boy

it feels like god put me in timeout. i can see the other kids play outside but i am not allowed to join them. it’s ok though. i needed a time out. besides, i hardly have time to play. shower + dressed = 30 minutes. i’m asleep most of the time anyway. i’m busy growing some bone (that’s a softball to you magnum.)

convalescing is a lot like camping. if you have the 10 essentials you’re all right. big life meta plans don’t matter. a few things have happened since last wednesday. mrs. moon brunged me a poultice of comfrey from down lloyd way.that counts as magic medicine right there, although not as magic as the flexerall. Chuck and Kelly took me to Publix then we watched us some Wife Swap. Them people were eating something called “high meat” but what is actually old raw meat. That was one bum swap for the wife who landed there. She was none too pleased. Surprise! You can live with the serial killer family.

Looking out of my internet window i see that big jim slade got 3rd at oak mountain. I clapped for him when i read it. Very cool. Me? i sleep sitting in a chair thank you very much.

This will all be over before i know it and i will be a better man for having done it. consensus seems to skew strongly towards, “you’re too old to be riding a skateboard” and perhaps it is time to put aside childish things, but you know what? i wasn’t trying to defy father time, or make the grand statement. i just liked the sound the wheels made when they rolled, and the homemade breeze. i was only trying to make it a good day, which is what most of us spend our time doing.

that’s right. i typed this whole thing with one finger.

10 Responses to Broke Arm Boy

  1. Ok, I had big plans on saying something like “what, the kids you saw outside were bummed that you could not come outside and board with them” or “what are little Billy and little Jimmy doing while you are unable to roll the half pipe with them” and then you had to go and throw a shout out to me about BUMP.

  2. We are never too old to enjoy the sound of the wheels and the feel of the homemade breeze.
    You have to please your child-heart, no matter how many birthdays you’ve celebrated.
    P.S. Wife Swap rocks, right?

  3. I’m not even gonna swing at that lob.
    And if we lived our lives based on the consensus, we’d be some bored, lame, assholes, so get on your board and RIDE!

  4. Yeah, you have to please your child-heart.

    As soon as you heal up, I’d suggest jumping off your roof wearing a home-made cape. Child-hearts love that shit!