Journey to the Realm

There is not much to do except not make mistakes. You don’t want to run off to unknown trails and ride in the rain, over-tax your system and get the flu. It is too late for any miles to do you good. No, the only thing left to do is seal the vault and don’t come out until Saturday morning.

Much like the often laughed at Live Action Role Players we will all head to the kingdom of Felasco to act out our own passion play-wardrobe and all. Like lion cubs play-fighting we go to make our own adversity, in the absence of true struggle. If the Venezuelan Army was storming the coast of Franklin County we would not have the time to ride bikes. If we were early day pioneers, or even New Plains Re-Settlers, we would be too busy chopping wood and hooking up rabbit ears to the T.V. to spend the day pedaling in tights.

We have it made though, we are not those people and life is pretty good. I could always use a little more titanium, but other than that my life is rarely threatened by anything other than my own ill-brewed plans, so let’s go for a bike ride on Saturday how ’bout it?

S’quatch made a last minute panic upgrade and bought a new bike just for this weekend. I took this picture of it just after we built it up last night.

Multi-function stat pads? Dude- you must be made of money!


4 Responses to Journey to the Realm

  1. I’m sure I’ll be passed by at least one granny. I’m really working tyhe low-ball tactics this year, like, “Hey, Squatch showed up and I hear he’s riding all the way to lunch! What grit!”

  2. Argh, it seems every ride you scribble out on your blog lasts 5 or 6 hours and is well over 50 miles. Why is Felasco scaring you so bad, is it because the time and distance can’t be forged with 400 witnesses?