Mate in Four

So we are down to the endgame. 4 days to go.

I am belching nails and snorting turpentine.

After this damn ride is over with I will need a new raison de etre. “I’m preparing for San Felasco” has been my convenient answer since April.

“Juancho, we need to you to finish up those 10-47 reports by Monday.”

“No can do boss I’m preparing for San Felasco.”

“Juancho, why don’t you love me?”

“I’m sorry baby, I’m preparing for San Felasco, I got no time for love.”

“Juancho, why don’t I love you? Oh right, you are preparing for San Felasco.”

“Can you do more for the Obama Campaign?” “San Felasco.”

“Earthquakes in China?” “San Felasco.”

“Spit on me if I’m on fire?” “San Felasco.”

After this thing is over, I am setting my sights on some new goals like;

-playing punk rock guitar
-opening an art gallery (naming contest coming soon)
-re-learning Algebra
-get involved with the local caving grotto
-metaphysical studies
-dialing in my 3-pointer
-loafing at Joe’s
-new creative direction for the BRC

This is a lot of work for a t-shirt.


11 Responses to Mate in Four

  1. damn, I was going to ask you out-I’m leaving in 3 days and just wanted a few crazy fun nights in the sack.
    Oh well…

  2. Magnum?”

    It has to compete with:

    S-s-studio (featuring Phil Collins tribute band every night of the week)

    Walm-Art (Art for Less)

    Valerie the Gallery

  3. I think I know someone who could play drums for that cover band, but…
    Well anyway.

    You should use a symbol for the gallery, names are so 2008.