Six more days and whatever happens we can scratch January 10 off the calendar. Getting ready for an all day gently rolling eco-tour is harder than it seems. I enjoy having an event looming that conveniently gourges itself on free thoughts, free energy, free time. Just feed it and it stays happy.

Too bad this isn’t a blog about mountain bikes. If it was I could really go into some detail. I feel I could sleep on that bike and manage to navigate Munson hills at this point. Once this ride is over I am going to have to go shopping for a life.

I’m looking for something in revolutionary brown with a nice flared collar and no inseam, like a pair of Wranglers- but hopefully with plenty of room to wear a cup.

Until then I am charging neighborhood kids a dollar a swing to break two-x-fours over my legs. It keeps us all out of trouble.


4 Responses to Jones

  1. You will need that cup around this crowd.

    I think I will take a 50 minute ride to the coffee shop in observance of the fiasco. I know it should only take 30 minutes, but I will extend the pain by having a really big latte and maybe some coffee cake. ..just for you.


  2. If this were a blog about mountain bikes, I might conclude that you were going to ride that day-long eco-tour rather than go on a tour bus.

    Okay, whatever happens, I’m impressed. And I don’t impress easily. Give ’em hell.