Plenty of folks will tell you about Gainesville, and particularly the rural areas of Alachua County. There is something powerful going on down that way. One night many years ago I had the whole thing explained to me just perfectly by a Rainbow family traveler at a Gracie Mansion party. I think that is what the place was called.

Certain lines, or meridians, of cosmic energy intersect in the Paynes Prairie area. This is why you see buffalo there, and you always happen to run into exactly who you didn’t know, but needed to meet when you walk into the Top.

You can get tangled up in G’ville. I know I have.

One time my car broke down on I-75 and I stayed a week with Danny Lyons. Thanks again for that Danny Boy.
Those Alachuans know their lines well. “Why don’t you just stay and look for a place? “I want you to meet (insert clever, sexy woman’s name here.)”

Another time I saw James Brown and then walked all night lost trying to get back to my cousin’s place. Best walk I ever had. I met a lot of nice, nocturnal people.

Then there is San Felasco.

With all of that fresh, clean spring water moving beneath the surface of the earth down there the air is just so charged and vital. I think that Rainbow girl was right.

There is something about that place, and Danny took this picture with his phone. Click the title to see more of his artwork.


5 Responses to Alachua

  1. I’ve lived in Gainesville twice and both my babies were born there, but the place never worked for me. That energy is a little jarring, though the Reddick/Ocala area a little further south and High Springs a little north seem sweet enough. And Santos, well, that’s the promised land.

    Remember the creepy murder spree a few decades back? That made Gainesville feel downright terrifying, and changed everyone’s life who lived there at the time. I still feel a little sorry for that Humphries kid who was wrongly accused and locked up for a good little bit before they figured out it was Rollins.

  2. Gainesville? Between my aunt describing Tebow in her christmas cards and the image of the head on the bookshelf from Rollins’ acts and having a beer with Robin Hitchcock and his Egyptians at the supper club, I’ve never been able to settle on what I think of the place.

  3. I spent five years of my higher education in G-ville, and kinda wish I could go back as an older (more interesting!) person and sample its delights. Paynes Prairie mysteriously appearing and disappearing buffalo, grottos and sinks, perfectly lazy days…

    But then I remember the weekend football crowds. The frat scene. The remarkably featureless downtown. (side note: is the Hardback Cafe still around?)

    Alachua, though, or High Springs? Sounds pretty nice.

    Keep that in mind while your in San Felasco!


    p.s. maybe a rerun of “fiasco at san felasco” as a little teaser for the main event?