Entre la pared y la espalda

I am seeing clearer than I have in many months so permit me a moment of your time to introduce some truth to this collection of canards and prevarications, this pack of lies.

Big Jim Slade did not write the hit song, “Cum on Feel the Noise,” by Quiet Riot.

Aside from that, everything else you know is true.

I have hinted that a new age of riding has begun, but my fingers have been locked on handlebars rather than keypad and mouse, so reports are just now dribbling in off the slobbering chin of history.

Oak Mountain, AL- 6/23/08 17 miles

Some two mile climbs, screaming singletrack, and a section called “Blood Rock” make this an epic destination for any rider. This trail is especially epic for a surging Juancho on a random Monday at 2:00 P:M. Temp on departure- 147 degrees.

Jackson, MS Butt’s Trail( I shit you not!)6/26

Expecting a cedar chip covered multi-trail, I found a trail with a robust Razorback flavor with a slight bouquet of 49th Avenue trails-canal diggings edition. 4 laps at 5.5 miles = 22 miles.

One lap with a local fella in cut-offs and a Chik-Fil-A t-shirt.
He whipped my ass. Badly. Temp on departure- 165 degrees.

Appalachicola National Forest 6/28

Ran the loops with ‘Tops and Bushy, S’quatch missed out because he showed up with a completely cracked top tube. Sometimes those completely broken frames are hard to notice before a ride. Stay tuned for more on that story. ‘Tops disappeared, Bushy and I finished. 22 miles. Relative humidity 113 percent.

Appalachicola National Forest 6/29

I am still recovering. After the ride I tried to read the paper, but I couldn’t hold it up. I tried to watch t.v. but the remote was too heavy. I gave up and laid in a dark room for three hours, no sleeping, no thinking, just me and the dark room.
I am still there actually. Wrecking Ball trapped me between himself and Big Jim while Bigworm delivered the punishment, or as the others undoubtedly will remember events, he set the pace.
See www.wreckingballblog.blogspot.com for more information. Temp on departure- 112, Relative Humidity a gazillion percent.

So you see, Longbow season is here. Pack your lunches.


10 Responses to Entre la pared y la espalda

  1. With all that lactic acid pouring into the bloodstream after those rides, don’t forget Espom Salt’s baths and a high carb meal. 🙂
    -Your momma

  2. Chik-Fil-A serves a fine high-carb meal.

    Fat Lad, when are you showing up?

    No one can stop the Juancho this summer. It is the Summer of Juancho.

  3. Long live the Bull and his steamy heaps o’ blog! Makes booting up the system worth it!


  4. Good to have you out there riding with us on Sunday Juancho. As my old grandpappy used to say “Come back when you can.”