Bikes, Tools or Toys?

It would be pretty awkward explaining to the owner of this machine the expense and obsession many of us apply to pedaling our lycra-wrapped asses all willy nilly about creation. We don’t ride to deliver cargo or feed our families. Sure we ride for health, and joy, escape, and competition. All pretty lofty goals–

and symptoms of a leisure class.


5 Responses to Bikes, Tools or Toys?

  1. We spent three weeks in China and I had the same revelation- in most of the world bikes are actual tools. I saw bikes carrying full 20 gallon propane tanks and stacks of lumber on home made rigs. I witnessed a mobile flower shop on two pedal driven wheels with more displays than Busy Bee Florist. None of these people wore lycra.

  2. I can put you to work delivering but the trike on Cap Circle and Thomasville Road might be a little hairy. But I promise you will make as much as any other person delivering goods on a bike.

  3. I’ll take the job.

    The full story on the passport is that there is no passport. The world is a liquid and ever-changing place not necessarily controlled by the stooges. Lines on a map are only that, lines. You know me man, I flailed against the machine until my Mom told me what to do and I took a cab across the border, then bought an in country ticket from Matamoros to Merida. I will reverse the process on the way home. The rest of the story, I am happy to forget for now. It was painful.