Career Changes

My bike is enjoying it’s new life as a clothesline. It proudly holds damp sweaters so the wind can blow through them. Socks line the handlebar, waving in the breeze.

My Fox gloves have found new work also, as potholders. It isn’t the work they are used to, but change can be hard sometimes.

My chamois is listless and taking to the bottle with too much time on it’s…whatever it holds a bottle with. I’m hoping it can get through this tough time and find something new out there.

My helmet is keeping busy, as I wear it when I bang my head against the wall trying to reboot the hard drive.

Holiday travel is over, there’s really nothing stopping me. Maybe it’s time to get the band back together again and see how we sound.

San Felasco is 18 days away.


2 Responses to Career Changes

  1. Road bikes & Texas? Sounds like Nirvana (not the band). Hey, you never know what could happen. I mean, I heard it rained frogs somewhere once.