The buzzing sound in my head increased to the pitch of a circular saw by 10:00 A:M so I had to release some pressure. I went downtown and voted.

I walked through downtown Tallahassee past the capitol where I stood screaming my head off in 2000. I remember looking at the crowd at the Recount rally and noticing that we were not a bunch of citizens united, we were a variety of issue-advocacy groups. I felt separate and apart.

I don’t feel like that now.

I walked out of the court house next to a guy who looked like Lil Wayne and we were both putting our stickers on our shirts. He looked at me and shrugged, ” Well, I guess we find out tomorrow whatever happens.” I pulled out my Obama/Biden button and shook it saying, “I hope to God this happens!” all the while foaming at the mouth with my eyes rolled back in my head.

He broke into a platinum grin and we terrorist-fist-bumped. He said he wished he had a button so of course I gave it to him and we parted. I saw him walking as I drove out of down town and he was sporting his button and his I voted sticker and striding like he was 10 feet tall and bulletproof-which he surely was.

A plane towed a picture of a 10 week old abortion through the skies encouraging you to vote for John McCain. Another plane towed an Obama/Biden banner without any pictures that I could see. Voting helped, but a bad case of the crazies was setting in again.

Now things have come down to what I always knew they would-screaming in the front yard for change in this country. Inkjet, whom you know by other names around here- supplied the drop cloth and I got the spray paint. My brother, code-named Tres joined the fun then we spent a couple hours on the corner with Lil Juan Wayne, pictured above.

Around 700 people honked, cheered, and raised fists, peace signs, and # 1’s while about 10 flipped us off exhibiting some of their fine classy ways.

One man hollered, “You people are out of your Goddamned minds!” to which I would respond, “Oh yes sir, we are most definitely that.”

All are welcome to come by and holler tomorrow. It feels really, really, good.


19 Responses to Politickin’

  1. I love it! Especially the terrorist fist bump and the awesome sign! I am 61 years old and don’t even remember what it feels like to WIN! Wish I could be there with you guys when it happens.

  2. I hearby grant you full rights to any and all use of the BASTARD!!!
    Deal them out as you see fit. I like to combo pack them with the bird…just a little flair I like to throw in.

  3. Wow, the on the way to work crowd was fired up this morning, all positive. A guy with a McCain sticker even gave a thumbs up.

    Then the cops came because someone called in a complaint. The complain read:

    “There are people on the corner yelling encouragement to vote. They are distracting people at the intersection.”

    This is in fact, all true. The TPD Officer shrugged it off. She was totally cool. I’m thinking she’s on the team.

  4. LOL!! I am soooo proud of you!!! Disrupt, disrupt! And if the Gator McCain chairman could change his mind and vote for Obama, surely someone who just had a McCain sticker on his car could! I’m thinking you guys changed it for him!! 🙂

  5. from afar we are all praying that u damn yankees will finally fill in the right circle, punch the right hole, pull the righteous lever. juancho….go get em. The whole world waits anxiously….obama party’s all over the f***ing place. Hope we’re not hopeful in vain. peace che and the evolutionary terrorist fist bump crew

  6. I liked the story and that’s a nice sheet sign you’ve got there! Keep it up over at the Barackringcircus headquarters!

  7. You are definitely my boy and I am truly proud. 6 yard signs stole out of the yard, but I had 3 in reserve and popped them out this week with a sign saying stay off of my first ammendment right. We the people are going to take this country back.

  8. Congratulations from Bosnia!!! Words can not capture what and how I feel right now…I have never ever been inspired by any living figure soo much…I don’t remember the last time I felt being hopefully energized … this is soo big…soo important for all of us! i wish, i could be there now …with all of you…american friends…to share this big and an important moment!!! Sabina

  9. See what screaming on the streets can accomplish?! You guys done good. What an incredible vindication for all of us. I am one happy camper up here in this red state.