Happy Elvismas

I almost forgot. Today is Elvis’s birthday.

I used to live with a guy who was a big Elvis fan (or was he?) I think we might have been indulging in some hipster irony about 18 years ahead of the current moustachioed, bad haircut culture, but I ended up a true fan of the King. I think we would have like each other, me and Elvis. Click the title to hear the King at his best- the 1968 Comeback Special.


6 Responses to Happy Elvismas

  1. Happy Birthday, Elvis! And thank you, Juancho, for the link to some of his gooood gospel stuff! You find me the church that plays Elvis gospel music, and that’s the church for me! 🙂 And we’ll never know about Darren (not his real name) and his Velvet Elvis, will we? But we don’t care. Velvet Elvis we love.

  2. It would have been so cool if he had made it through like Johnny Cash and recorded with Rick Rubin. Maybe if he had one person that told him the truth….hindsight I recon. He was cooler than most people think and smarter. “Cold Kentucky Rain” and “The Ghetto” still kill me.
    Happy Birthday E.

  3. I always admired the way he died- on the toilet with his pants around his ankles and a huge bowl of nanner puddin in his lap. That’s just how I want to go.
    Dr. Detroit

  4. Elvis rocked my world when I was a young thing, and I’m still smitten all these years later. He may be remembered for rock ‘n roll, but nothing beats his gospel songs. Thanks for the link.