Shut Down

My house has been busy like a monkeyhouse on fire.

It looks like tornado weather is on the way and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I can roll up the drawbridge and flood the moat. Let the snakes rise.

I hosted a tourist lap at Munson yesterday and I was grateful just to be on home soil, even as I kept one timorous eye on my friend and colleague wheezing and swooning behind me. This is the same fellow who dropped and flopped like a giant catfish on the beach in the lobby of a West Virginia hotel the last time we rode. He sustained consciousness this time, but just barely. He’s more of a basketball guy.

I hope this storm soaks the forest to the point of Zamboni-smoothness tonight.


10 Responses to Shut Down

  1. Speaking of West Virginia, I am now hooked on the West Virginia Surf Report blog you mentioned awhile back. That’s some funny stuff.

  2. Monkeyhouse on fire. Now that’s a funny image. Haha ha. Burn monkey burn. Yeah. You like it, don’t you? Hahaha Run. Scream. Watch all your monkey friends die! Burn Monkey burn.

  3. West Virginia AuntieNanny here reporting a broken wrist and other minor damage on second debut of roller skates at Antietam Battlefields (fittingly). Loving my pared-down life style with thrift shops and Mennonite food.

    Build an ark. The goddess has spoken. Then float up the Potomac to see me, for crying out loud. Big bike ride here on May 30 to benefit a charity George and I helped to get a start here (Court-Appointed Special Advocates for abused kids). Can you do 10, 35, 50 or 100 miles? I’ll sponsor you ’cause you are awesome, Juancho.