Pouring Slab

In between chores and some mildly social outings I rolled about 40 solo miles of trail this weekend. Not too bad I think, and for motivating solo I think I get credit for time and a half so let’s just call it 60. The only spectacular aspect of the miles was the indefatigable perfect weather, which will be well fatigable by mid-May if not sooner.

Spring frenzy had the trails clear, as folks were preoccupied with babies, basketball, and out of town bike races. The trails were deserted, as if I was the Omega man himself, Will (Ah Hell naw!) Smith.

I have some Spring frenzy to deal with myself this week, so don’t look for me out there until Thursday. By then, all of my foundation miles will have set up and I can begin building a monument to power on top of it, with a speed solarium, and a widow’s walk of big ring cadence.


7 Responses to Pouring Slab

  1. weather was nice this weekend. Next road trip to race is shaping up to be April 19 – Columbus, Ga. You could ride Saturday and drink beer and make fun of us on race day. Just a thought.


  2. you make my point. You can do that any day in tally ho. Bonus points for stopping at the BBQ/adult toy store on the way.

  3. BTW in keeping with the tradition of finding the least important thing in a blog and commenting on it, therby derailing any hope of thoughtful comments on the actual body of the blog and it’s initial concept….Charlton (“from my dead hands”) Heston was the original Omega Man.