Listen to Big Jim

I just ate that burger and I feel better already.

The fix was in this morning when the Black and the Orange showed up just as we slackers were pulling our bikes from our vehicles. The rest of this story is so predictable it could write itself.

Apparently I am not so extraneous as that so I will give you the crib notes. Big Worm roughed us up right out of the gate with a bruising pace, then he turned it over to the young wolf, Wrecking Ball Jr, or Hard-Core whichever you prefer. The kid is like 14 or 19 or something and he went off the leash like Cujo and finished what his Uncle Big Worm started. I hung on (more or less) and went home looking for that step I lost in Pisgah. It wasn’t under the couch or rolling around in the dryer vent so I went with the last good advice I got here on the BRC- “Eat a damn hamburger already.”

How about that bike race over in France? I haven’t said a word about it on here, but that’s just so I don’t jinx my main man Thomas Voeckler. You thought I was a Schleck fan you say? Ask me tomorrow.


9 Responses to Listen to Big Jim

  1. I love watching Voeckler ride. He’s a fighter, and an antagonist. I was beginning to think only the Italians and the Belgians could produce animators. Tommy V is carrying the French torch, high.

  2. 1. Which Schleck has the mojo? 2. I wish Phil and Paul would confess their mancrush on the Manx Missile and be done with it.

  3. I know, the Manx Missile? Thinly veiled attraction at best.

    We missed you this morning. We all rode Munson yesterday, and the day before that probably. You need to upgrade the excuse-maker.

  4. It was a fun ride. When we got back to Joe’s Big Worm said he had another hour in his legs.
    Thanks for the kind words about L.W.B. He always goes faster in front of Uncle B.W. He hates to disapoint the big man. I have to say he hurt me a little on the last set of climbs.
    Tommy V. is the shit! I hate Cav, cocky is a requisite for sprinters but he is just a dick. He needs an ass whipping bad.

  5. I’d love to see Cav try to take you in a yellow sign sprint on the Joe’s ride. You would make his punk-ass pay!

  6. Now that Lance isn’t in it, I don’t know who to cheer for. They’re all winners to me!