Leaving the 20lb Camelback, getting enough rest, taking a weekend off the bike, who knows why I was so fast yesterday? It just happens like that sometimes. Mystery and I charged everything on the Live Oak Connector, peeled the dirt up at Overstreet, then spun it around and charged back home. It was probably just a fluke.

The highway beckons, see you Thursday. Play nice.

armed and dangerous-


One Response to Unleashed

  1. Just back from four days in Upper Alabama. Trails for all tastes (even mine, with training wheels) at Monte Sano State Park. But pity the poor burg of Huntsville. Yet again, the rain gods denied the rocket people a day of their beloved Panoply Festival. Still, Saturday was lucrative for Mrs. H. and her art trinkets. Gotta go — the show tent needs drying and the bike needs cleaning.

    Artist Assistant