I found this little nugget in the INBOX today from Bigworm, who is crewing for the TEAM TYPE 1 gang in the Race Across America. Yes, all the way across the country. Yes, they all have type 1 diabetes. What, you don’t know what that means? Well, click the link then!

More later- J

Juancho, just wanted to shoot you these links. Paul Macmanus, Carl, Darien, and I fly out to CA on friday to crew for Team Type 1’s second attempt to win the overall in RAAM. We missed it by just minutes in our rookie year, so it’s ON this year! I talked to Cupcake, and he was interested in following along online, so if you could forward these links to anyone who may have interest, that would be cool. Team Type 1’s site should have a daily blog, and RAAM’s site will have time splits at all of the time checks along the way.
Anyway, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, and will be very anxious to actually ride, rather than just help others ride. See ya then.


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