No, I’m not guessing at Mystery’s age, I’m thinking that we got between 45 -50 miles yesterday.

Six of us rode out promptly at 9:00 A:M and we hit the Fern trail on a dead run. Dead as in, “If I we keep up this pace I will die”.

But we did, and I did not.

There was some blood and a couple of breakdowns, but not enough to stop us. Miraculously, we climbed the final hill behind the Democrat (our local paper) still in a row like tired burros.

It looks like we might save the summer form after all.

Nature paid us tribute by finally dumping some rain on this town after two very dry months. Nice of it to wait until we were all laid up on our various couches, rehydrating with our chosen beverages.

And now it is raining again, and I’m hitting the road.

Catch you in a couple days-


5 Responses to 45?

  1. Damn, I’m tired. I can’t remember the last time I was in a ride of that length with that many folks and nobody was lost or even pissed off for a minute. That ride was focused (on beating my ass).

  2. Hitops sez: Great ride even though the blood was mine. Been hiking my pantleg today at the Jiffy to show off my war wounds. Still don’t know how I let that root throw me.

    Juancho gets the trailside mechanic award. A special nod to Sasquatch for guiding us thru the hippie-infested wilds of the land co-op.

  3. The “real” bike churchers, (well… just Mr. Stupid and I) had a decent ride too. BTW, We ran into Pete and friend who also left Joe’s at 9, but he said he didn’t see yall.

    Anyway, we went E to try to prey upon you with our watermelons (not really), but ended up going to Verdura ruins. THEN get this, S! through the hunt clubs, all the way to Natural Bridge. Woooo!

    BTW, Psych-out and I will have to show you our new training technique, the “strike-out” oh yes!

  4. I really don’t like the sound of that at all. And what are you implying about us? maybe we left before 9:00? Hmmm?