The call is out for a long morning ride tomorrow or Sunday. The proposed route is from town to the Miccosukee land co-op by way of the old familiars.

S’quatch is the one making all the noise about it.

If you are into that idea, please note your interest in Saturday vs. Sunday in the comments section below. All are welcome except the following:

People who will insist on maintaining a consistent pace.

Pretty much all of bike church (sorry guys, I love you but you’re just to fast). If you really must attend, you have to carry a watermelon in a backpack out to the Co-op.

People who are likely to sing Kelly Clarkson tunes out loud (or Steely Dan).

People who at some point will lobby to cut the ride short.

Other than that, we would love to have you.

We will stop for breaks at the following points.

Joe’s Bike Shop
Behind the Democrat
Behind the Armory
The Beginning of the Cadillac trail
The end of the Cadillac trail
The levy (I’m afraid to call it a dike)
Pedrick fields
Miccosukee Greenway parking lot
the next Miccosukee Greenway parking lot
The store on Crump Road.
The catwalks at the Co-op
A random convenience store on the way home

Other than that, we are going to be kicking some ass!

Tonight is First Friday, meaning that art abounds around town. I will be down at Railroad Square “getting my culture on” and enjoying the V-89 Summer Solstice party so if the ride is tomorrow, and I stay out late tonight, I am officially calling a “cultural”.

That about covers it I think.


8 Responses to Longbow

  1. If “Mystery the Untameable Stallion” is who I think he is, hasn’t he been tamed? I vote for changing his name to “My Little Pony.”

    Wish I were going to be there…would be my kinda ride if hurling oneself into an alligator-free body of water were one of the breaks along the way. …oh wait…I forgot…no girls allowed.

  2. “Mostly” is not the answer I would be looking for prior to doing the Nestea plunge. That’s one thing I’m enjoying about swimmin in AZ…no gators…no sharks…no “stingerees” (as Rob White would call them).

  3. Hitops: I’m in, and I vote for Sunday. I also vote for a route that runs through the Fleischman trailhead of the Miccosukee Greenway, cause that’s where I might be starting — and because the extra segment makes for good hilly and rooty riding.

    This isn’t the same as trying to cut the ride short.