If a 200 lb man falls in the woods does anybody hear it?

He does, that much I can tell you.

Over the bars on the Live Oak Connector, crossing one of those cute little ramp bridges over a log.

back in the day we just rode over the log.

Almost sideswiped by a lawn maintenance truck on the way home-

and he gave me the finger.

I put the bike in the garage, let the air out of both tires, closed the garage door-

and went inside.


8 Responses to Sabotage

  1. If it makes you feel any better I rode 3.41 miles today and had to put her in the grammy gear to get up the driveway. Going over the bars sucks, but at least you are in the woods! I have three more weeks of “light riding” and then hopefully by July I will be getting dropped in the woods. Sugery….good. Patient? No I’m not!
    B.T.W. I laughed very hard.

  2. Boo Hoo, wittle wancho fell down in the woods, and then the big, bad lawn man was a meanie-pants.

    You’re just looking for a reason to put the bike away. Back in the day you’d have called that fun.

  3. I kaint spell I meant Surgery, not sugery, although now I am craving cup cakes.
    I had neck fusion surgery in the end of April. I was in a recliner for three weeks and I am happy to say the surgery was a good thing. I had a lot of pain and now its gone. The down side is, I have to be patient and thats not my best sport. I made the mistake of “just sitting” on my bike which lead to riding a little on my street and then a brief escape to surrounding streets. It felt really good to ride! I hate my trainer, and when I am back, I plan to web cast the destruction of that awfull device! Every time I get on that thing , after a half hour I yell…”okay ….I’ll be Catholic!”