Dramatic tension is what drives the reader, as well as the writer, further into a story. Dramatic tension keeps them coming back. Without an inherent struggle between good and evil, east coast and west coast, Sneetches with stars and Sneetches without, a blog is just another vanity license plate that reads something like 2KUL4U.

Don’t get me wrong, many of you out there can serve as a nemesis in a pinch. I even hung up on S’quatch yesterday while he was talking. He was trying to sap my motivation to ride on the most beautiful day of the year. If that’s not evil, well, that’s definitely evil.

I could wage bike blog jihad on Bigworm over at Apebike, but he carries the goodwill of the people and any move against him would be sure to backfire.

I also want to be challenged as a writer, so that leaves out the obvious choices like W, Karl Rove, hippies, Wal-Mart, the Taliban, people who can’t drive and talk on cell phones, and Yankees, not the baseball team, but people who live in the North.

A real challenge would be to take the fight to someone like the Buddhist Monks (lazy beggars!) or to declare kittens eating ice cream to be the antithesis of everything the Big Ring Circus stands for (when in fact they are its essence).

I don’t know who, but someone’s going to get it-


20 Responses to Nemesis

  1. Lots of hemming and hawing around. When is someone gonna come out of his corner? I paid a lot for this ticket! ;}

  2. I made my inaugural ride of the Twilight Zone proper yesterday. Ran into one of its, uh, midwives, at the Woodville Park and he gave me a guided tour through most of it. Road biking in the woods, just what I love.

    Juancho, word is that you and your crew were in the neighborhood, but I smelled no turpentine so perhaps it ws just a rumor. You probably have more plaudits for the TZ in your arsenal, no?

  3. Man, sorry I missed you, but not sorry that I missed Dudley Do-little the trail badger.

    We passed a hunter on the TZ carrying a shotgun and working with four bird dogs so we had to evac from the ‘best trail in town’ rather than be shot in the face accidentally.

  4. So will it be hunters? Get on it. Then you can come eat some venison stew at my house.
    No dogs used in the killing of our deer meat! But I would like to kill my dogs. Wait, is this some sort of weird quantum physics cycle of inanity or what? Sorry. I’ll stop now.

  5. Or… maybe it’s the “trail badger” that needs to be taken on? This trail badger probably has big sharp yellow teeth with knuckles to the ground and taunts people as they pass.

    Crocs aren’t in anymore? Go figure.

  6. Hey Juancho, I searched the Bloggie award page for the BRC so I could vote but alas, no BRC listed. Must be a category issue?

    Speaking of worthy websites, ye old Fat of the Land site has been seeing some life of late. Not as many witty BASTARDS lurking about making inside jokes that are funny enough to make outsiders smile like you get on the BRC or ApeBike, but at least the pages are getting updated pretty regularly.

    So please add this link to your regular browsing and other illicit activities:

  7. Just discovered the pool at the McClean park is heated by 7am, bikes are so passe! I’m headed there in my flip flops (crocs? this ain’t Islamorada)
    And in the spirit of blogging, I’ll have a lap-swimming blog perhaps called…something original…like, WATERWINGCIRCUS!
    oh, and East Coast rules, but Biggie was a punk.

    Can’t fit much else in, so where’s my white speedo, LET’s SWIM!
    Magnum Num Num

  8. I’m your huckleberry. I don’t even understand half of what is said in these comments, but I deny you your East Coast Icon Biggie Smalls. You may not have your played out (and never very good) Tupac, either. What?

    Here is what you get : DJ Quik, bitches. That’s OG.

  9. Alright, alright, I may have misspoke. I’ll only say: comments were made in the spirit of derbying. I saw y’all shortstopping each other, blocking, throwing elbows…thought I’d grab someone by the bag and kill their momentum. You know, as a lead in to a rolling party. If this has offended for real, that certainly wasn’t my intention. Some people get carried away.