Crank up the Base

Simple, steady miles, that’s what is called for. The last two days of riding in the morning solves all kinds of problems. Increased mental acuity and motivation for work post-ride, earlier dinner, earlier bedtime. I feel like a hundred bucks!

The weekend of April 18 I will be headed to the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia for the annual Spring Rendevous. There has been talk of Bigworm and Company joining us in some sort of global merger, so consider this an invitation. Any of the rest of you from Yorkshire to Timbuctoo, from San Diego to Kalamazoo, from Leesburg to Pittsburg, you can come too. Details to follow, but I can pretty much spell it out like this- Camp on the Davison River near Brevard, ride Pisgah, Dupont, relocate to Tsali for a night and come home.

Don’t expect me to be sniveling in the back with a note pinned to my shirt by then either. Punks.


14 Responses to Crank up the Base

  1. So, does anyone still ride rigid? Bike that is, not posture or whatever else you’re considering.

    If I got a new bike, my regular excuse would be gone. With the old bike, I can just say “too busy” or “I don’t ride much” or “LOOK, giant baby!” and duck out.
    Instead, I should just put bumpy tread back on my commuter and bang around the trails in last place. It will give the normal last place guy a punk to laugh at, and I can always just say “eh, gotta be the old bike”.
    I’m trying to get down to a lean Sasquatch weight and the surfski ain’t working so well.

  2. Magnum,

    I’m dying to share my weight loss program, so if you’re interested, let me know. Juancho is so beyond disinterested that his dead-eye hate waves on the topic render me speechless and afraid. It’s how Abel must have felt whenever he tried to school Cain on the virtue of the animal offering.

    I’ve got a top-secret aspect to it all as well, that I’m willing to share only with the Clydesdale inner circle, so I’d have to know your weight before I divulge.

  3. Your invitation is quite intriguing, Juancho. That trip always sounds like a good time. We always travel for races because its so hard to get a large group to agree on a date for the roadtrip. The races dictate the dates, and we work around them. But then you have to deal with all that goes along with the race. Fun once in awhile, just like Munson. A trip for the sake of a trip would be a good change of pace. And you’ve graciously supplied the date, which should settle the argument of when.

  4. Oh no, 170 almost now! and it’s boggin me down, I need to get to flyweight in a L.Armstrong sense (not bike prowess but barely-breathing-while-kicking-ass prowess)

    We’re talking ratio of lean mass to excess stuff since there is nothing worse than a thin guy with a gut- it just screams “I WISH THE OFFICE LOUNGE WAS STILL OPEN; I GOT A NEW SET OF CUTOFFS!”.

  5. I can’t help but notice that no one here talks to me except the great and powerfull Juancho….. I think you all know whats coming…..BASTARDS! BASTARDS! BAASSSTAAARDS!
    If anyone is looking for me I will be at Apebike!

  6. Whoa now! Don’t drag me into your craziness!

    However, I do find it humorous that you still got no love. See what temper tantrums do for you?