I have a plate of cold chicken, an avocado, a hunk of well-aged cheese, and a batch of raw mustard greens before me on a cutting board. I am eating it all with my hands yes, while typing- tearing leg from thigh and wing from breast. Crunching the cartilage and chewing the sinew. Scooping up buttery slices of the avocado, which tastes like the warm sun and folding it in a leaf of too late picked extra spicy greens, called greens but deep red along all but the spines. I’m staring over the next few days like the unengaged battlefield, polishing the grey gun-metal of my Titus Racer X.

I might get pummeled and driven afield, or I may plant my damn flag where I please.


6 Responses to Nuts!

  1. You may have been quietly surrounded in the night. It’s revealed in your writing, believing your rations are grand. “Buttery” and “well-aged” are adjectives of the captured.

    remain calm and entrench

  2. No, they have to catch me running. I just returned from a sortie to Munson and back. No enemy forces encountered. Total mission time-91 minutes. Extremities numb but functioning.