I could not bring myself to leave the house all weekend, or what bit of weekend I caught. The weather is perfect, and I knew about the 9:00 A:M Sunday Joe’s ride. I was awake at 6:15 A:M and could easily have made it, but the jones for a clean and peaceful nest was too great. I wanted a chicken in the pot, fresh sheets on the bed. When I return from a trip of any length, I feel a bit like the madman, the ranting lunatic. By leaving I see Tallahassee, my life, and your lives as well through the magnifying glass of nostalgic optimism. I magnify all of our traits. For instance, in my class last week I was proselytizing about Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. It doesn’t matter that they insist on wrapping their vegetables in little Styrofoam boats, they are the best grocery store in the history of the world! I will lead people to believe that lake Ella is actually a lake. I will claim the canopy roads run everywhere, and happy children wave from the branches of Live Oaks as you ride your bike to work. I tell people that my friends are fascinating people who enjoy discussing art and literature, Geo-politics and the impact of hip hop on white American culture. They build things with their hands and they play rock and roll music.

Then I come home and behave as though it were all true all the time.


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  1. Okay, so maybe small children don’t wave from the live oaks – but Publix is still the best chain grocery store in the history of the world. And Lake Ella is a lake, if you squint and don’t think too hard about it.

  2. When the Professor and I moved to more northern environs, one of the things we missed the most was shopping at Publix. It truly is a pleasure. You don’t really notice it until you slog through a Kroger or two. If that company ever goes public, I will be first in line to buy shares.

    Dr. Detroit

  3. Plublix (as my son pronounces it), oozes its tag line.
    Living just two blocks from the Lake Ella Plublix, I find that I average about eight grocery runs a week. It’s ridiculous but a pleasure.

  4. While living in Tally, I used to shop at the Publix near Lake Ella as well. I concur, it WAS a pleasure. Fabulous muffins at that establishment, I tell ya.

    And, regardless of the size, Lake Ella is still a lake in my book.

  5. I often consider going to work at Publix, just so I could buy stock. Lord knows I’m there so often that working there would hardly be a change in my routine. Sort of.
    This is a good time of year to be in love with Tallahassee and North Florida in general.
    And Juancho- I know what you mean about coming home. I call it peeing in the corners- I have to reclaim my territory. I don’t really pee in the corners. I actually sweep and tidy up and usually make soup. Then it feels like home again.