Good Morning Juancho!

Have you ever dreamed you were sleeping while you were sleeping? If so, why can’t you remember the dreams you had while you were sleeping in the dream? Your dream’s dreams per se?

I’m on the fence this morning. I still haven’t ridden my bike so writing about that is out. Hmmmm, on the table we got the following.

Reasons to ride or not ride the San Felasco 50.

Why Dungeons and Dragons is a great metaphor for real life.

The conspicuous absence of magic.

What I should have for breakfast.

The utter predictability of comfortable people and their justifications for remaining so.

What to call my new garage band I’m fit’in to start up.

Hear that snapping sound? That’s the streak breaking.

Hope you are well,


6 Responses to Good Morning Juancho!

  1. I have for years thought the name “The Real Ice Cream Truck” would be a cool garage band name. Now, I’m not sure why, but there you have it. My strange contribution.

  2. Don’t ponder the Felasco decision too long, or the decision will be made for you. That gig fills up so fast! But as you already know, it’s a primo event. Perhaps the act of registering will kick start your motivation to ride in preparation for a non-suffering, easy cruising, day of hanging with your crew.

  3. Who wants to read about a non-suffering, easy cruising day of hanging out with your crew? Please Juancho, for us, ride as if you had never ridden before.

    Do it for the kids.

    C.T. (and any other vicarious livers)

  4. As for the S.F. 50, I got the e-mail Sunday and I’ve already sent the check. This may be the first time in my entire life I’ve been that efficient and responsible, which suggests to me that I probably won’t be riding the S.F. 50. Decisive, efficient, immediate commitment is just too tempting for the fates.