The final details have to fall in place, but this is a facsimile of the new BRC crew wagon. Of course, I can call it whatever I want, but the fact is I am about to make the transition to “Van Fan.” I will be joining the following fraternity.

Crew capacity is now 4 bikes, 4 riders, 1 bushel of oysters, all camping gear, two turntables, and 1 microphone.

And yes ladies, the first ride is free.


15 Responses to Wheels

  1. Gas, Grass, or Ass, NOBODY rides for free.
    Man, you better check the code of van owners before you start peddlin’ your new Chevy Petting!

  2. Suhweet! Looks like a a/c unit stiking out of the roof. Be careful taking BW with you, he never has the cash or the grass….

  3. Juancho- Thanks brother. I’ve never read Henry Miller, so with which should I start?

    If B.A. Barabas rocked a van, we can too.And I’m with Reeking Bawl on the hotbox action. Both hotbox actions.

  4. very high cool factor. Brings back memories of the conversion van and the time the tow truck driver on I-10 blew up double d’s rear wheel with a tree branch.