Choose Your Own Adventure

Aside from establishing the “Summer of the Bull” on the golf course yesterday I spent a good bit of time wandering between my own ears trying to conjure up some inspiration for adventure.

Cold Water Weekend was a good one, with unexpected sights and random turns on unknown roads; and so was our last epic ride, although it felt more like cold-blooded mercenaries executing an emotion-less plan of attack.

My summer is booked up as tight as my chamois, so an actual vacation is not likely to come around for a few months. I’m looking for the 2-3 day epics. Of course there is Tsali, Deep Creek, and other known quantities, but how about some variations?

Back in the day there were: All day spelunking trips in Climax Cave (and no, that is NOT code!) The ominous paddling trip into Tate’s Hell Swamp- thanks again fellas, for finding the truck. Even the textbook Sopchoppy paddle/ bike route seems exotic. It’s not that I want off the bike, but a workout less ordinary would be nice. It is just a thought, please feel free to share your ideas. As the W.B. says, “We’re just spitballing here”!

a creaky little post to get the week started-


3 Responses to Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. With the low levels and clear springs, an overnight canoe trip on the Suwannee is worth considering. Or camp with bikes for the combo trip.

    Ever explored Cumberland Island?

    Had one of my top three near-deathers in Climax Cave one day.