BRC Captionista # 2

I pinched this image from one of my favorite spots on the web, The West Virginia Surf Report I am sure you all know what to do from here. Please bring your best game and give us your caption ideas in the comments section.

Meanwhile the Round-up! won’t be that lengthy after all. Here is what I know and care about, at least a tiny little bit.

At the 621 Gallery at Railroad Square: Glitter Chariot. My friend Chuck will be hanging by a thread in the main gallery and I tied the knots so he may totally fall down. By writing this I have probably made myself massively liable. That is just one reason Art is so awesome. It is risky.

Glitter Chariot will be performing “All That Heaven Will Allow”, featuring Ryan Berg, Chuck Carbia, Kelly Boehmer, Danielle Shockley, and Lexi Braun. This new performance brings sweet and tragic melodrama together with fantastic characters and sentimental song, completing a fiercely tender yet gruesome and unfortunate story of love. This retelling of the story of Ernie and Bert is thrust into a lovers’ triangle where the love of romance isn’t destroyed; the love of friendship is. Friends in need of each other are faced with the need to continue in the wake of brutal death. Memories of a past imagined (Germany, Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Sesame Street) run rampant, and the tenuousness of their bond is destroyed

Also, I have negligently postponed announcing that Todd Simmler is wrapping things up from his mountain bike guide gig in Baja and has put the call out for a Tally to Moab trip in April. I don’t know about you, but my only hope to make that is if this Recession gets a lot worse real fast, and hey, if it happens so be it. I will drive the Ford Exploder to the desert. If anyone wants to reach for the prana and have an incredible time riding Porcupine Rim and Slickrock send me a message at and I can help you connect with Todd. You can’t find a better partner for this sort of thing.
He’s aces.

Jill is a blogger some of you cyclists may read. She fell in a lake and got a touch of the frostbite. It’s been a compelling read the last couple of days, especially because her followers are hardcore Jillites. Following her recovery narrative is bound to be good, and it doesn’t take much to beat this here narrative you are reading right now.

I saw Dr. Munson for lunch today and it was a beautiful checkup. What a bluebird day. It looks like the Forest Service is fixing to burn out there. Thanks to Ken and our friends at Fat of The Land for all the raking and prep work, and for laying down a fresh bed of brown ice.

-and I don’t give a rip if that’s not the name anymore. Phhffft!


10 Responses to BRC Captionista # 2

  1. pavement, dike, or steep grade full of gators; this is what you guys call mtbing? I tell ya, I may have to go back to the climbing gym; at least there was eye candy involved in that ridiculous activity.

    Jill’s read makes my toes hurt; that gal is bomber, and yes, always start a fire.

    Oh, the caption: At least it’s not Chucks show, let’s ride!

  2. Here is a good-n-nasty frostbite story for ya.

    An acquaintance of mine returned from the Himalaya with a nasty case of FB. After a lot of time on antibiotics, the flesh that was to die had. The doc gave him a date for surgery to trim back the bones that were sticking out of his toes. He had them push the surgery back a few weeks because, “..they were the perfect tools for this crack in my back yard.”


  3. Glitter Chariot Rocked!!!
    Hope we get to see more of’em….

    After watchin a few minutes, a lady ran up to us and said: “Since you have kids, I just want to warn you about the graphic elements of this show.”

    My kids heard her, and got excited looking around for shock. When I told them the warning was about the stage-blood and string-guts of the band, they were SO let-down.