Donde Vas?

It’s that time again. Time to honor former British Prime Minister John Labor. I’m not sure why we get a three day weekend for some two bit foreign diplomat, but in light of the current occupant President’s Day doesn’t seem so special either. I’ll take what I can get. My crew (the extended 10th Ave/ Pole Barn family) is taking to the waters of Port St. Joe by johnboat, kayak, catamaran, and canoe to lay siege to the point of Cape San Blas for two nights. I should probably go ahead and give the Coast Guard a heads up since there will be a few powerful opponents to common sense in charge of this trip. Swim sprints across “Shark Hole” sound about right.



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  1. I’m envious. Beautiful picture. Can’t tell you what I’m doing. I’d have to kill you. And you’d totally be jealous.

  2. I am getting the cable hooked up so I can watch the Noles on Monday. I also plan on spending three days in my backyard-regrading, reseeding, and feeding. Perhaps install a sprinkler system. I will be the envy of the neighborhood. The conversion from ne’er do well into family man is complete.
    Dr. Detroit

  3. Agreed. I am the same person, just less drunk and I have a son and a mortgage and a hot wife.

    Speaking of San Blas, I remember the last time we paddled out there, the shark was cruising just below my kayak. It was literally inches away. I don’t remember being in the least bit concerned but as I think back on it I am quite horrified. All in all though a good time was had by all.

    Dr. D

  4. sharks? forget the sharks-have ya been to the cape in august/sept. before? a FOG of mosquitoes literally will make for an interesting adventure.

    yikes, west nile! west nile!

    Oh, and Dr. D: yeah, your wife is hot!

  5. Paddles is right and not just cause his name is cool.
    Cape San Blas is hell right now for relentless mosquitoes-hope they bring Deet or some other carcinogen to ward em off.
    Dr. Detroit, that’s a fan I tell you-and living the high life sounds like. Good luck with the lawn.
    Bike Bike bike (to keep it topic oriented)

  6. My daughter is visiting her grandparents, she can’t drive yet, so they want me and the miss to come too.
    But we’re going swimming in the local lake up there and it should be a treat. The little one swims now and rides her tricycle-next thing you know, I’ll be shooting at primer-gray camaroes as they pull up to my house with the lights off.

  7. Well what ever you do, don’t have a weak moment and post something on a website about a bike you bought that broke everytime you rode it…….You never know when someone will dig dirt up on you and make a mockery of your misery, giving your friends one more reason to ridicule and abuse you. That would suck.
    Have a good holiday, I am probably not going to stalk you with night vision goggles and fire arms with sliencers on them.

  8. No, the Pad-two (see above) have it right. I was there in Sept and had to dead run from cabin to beach- since the sea breeze kept the bugs off if you were within 50 ft of the water. Then we’d run back to the cabin. We couldn’t even grill outside they were so bad-like, 1800’s florida bad! Winter or spring for me down there.

  9. Ah come on W.B. for some reason that old post of yours is a regular referral source to the BRC. It shows up all the time in my traffic report. Besides, you conducted yourself with dignity.

  10. It’s about the use of the gun range land. Check out the capitol city cyclists page. I am going out of sheer catholic guilt.

  11. Hmmm… if someone writes about you instead of talks about you, do your eyes burn instead of your ears? Dr. D said I should check back into BRR after too long of an absence and I must admit that I’m blushing and giggling like a school girl. Tee hee. To get things back to the bike discussion, Juancho, you should know that I plan on riding my brand new bike this weekend. Yep, that’s right. The time finally came when I had to overcome my fear of gravity and now I’m the proud owner of my very first bicycle: a lovely mint-green Giant Suede. With a basket and a bell. Oh, laugh away you serious and seasoned bikers. But for me, it’s quite an accomplishment! Hugs and kisses to the gang,

  12. whoa, hot AND a bike with a basket! HOly shamrocks, i think me potatoes are stewing!
    Feel free to delete any inappropriate comments my Moderator of Mundane(M.O.M. for you acronym lovers)

  13. hotties and milfs, broken and new bikes, mosquitoes and gun ranges with catholics, and a professor of slaw?(perfect for this weekend, i’d say)
    –yeesh, no wonder Juancho is concerned with his blog topics, I don’t think they could get better!

    Oh, and as M.O.M.(Juancho) mentioned, bike bike bike.

    John Labor